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Project Cabosse

Agroforestry and reforestation in Côte d'Ivoire

Agriculture & Agroforestry Under development

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Cabosse is an agroforestry project located on over 23,000ha of cocoa plantation and community land in Côte d’Ivoire. It is developed by Bara, a union of 10 cooperatives of cocoa producers who want to transition from conventional cocoa farming to a sustainable approach with agroforestry.

The project will focus on 2 main activities: 1) The addition of shade and fruit trees on 12,500ha of full sun cocoa plantations; 2) The creation of community agroforests on 10,500ha with fruit and forest trees, managed by local women associations. The goal of the project is to improve the quality of the existing cocoa plantation (soil, atmosphere, productivity), directly impacting the livelihoods of the 8,000 farmers members of the cooperatives. Women from the communities of coops members will also benefit from income generating activities by getting access to community land and being able to grow and sell fruit to the local market. This prefeasibility study will help the team confirm the eligibility of this project to carbon finance and allow Bara to fine tune the project activities.

Sustainable Development Goals

10,500 ha of shrubland converted to agroforests managed by local women's associations
More than 8,000 farmers benefiting from a strengthened cocoa value chain
Up to 3 million tons of CO2eq removed over 30 years
23,000 ha of cocoa plantations sustainably managed