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Project Mariposa

Improved Forest Management project with communities in Mexico

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Mariposa is an improved forest management (IFM) project of 16,000 ha with three communities in northern Mexico. It is developed by Montezumae Global Consultores, a Mexican civil society whose purpose is to develop quality forestry carbon projects.

Located in the Sierra Madre occidental in Mexico, this project aims at improving forest management such as fire management, reforestation and soil improvement practices. The project will promote the obtention of additional certification to strengthened the existing timber value chain within a sustainable framework. Held on community lands, it will enhance the livelihoods of the three impacted communities. The development of communities projects will bring local economic resilience by reinforcing capacity-building in forestry management practices, supporting productive systems and implementaing timber transformation infrastructures.

Sustainable Development Goals

Up to $31.5 millions additional source of revenues for local communities
Jobs creation and timber value-chain strengthening
Up to 2 millions tons of CO2eq removed over 30 years
16,000 ha under sustainable productive management