Empower NbS: triple win for climate, biodiversity and people.

Capacity building

We assist local NbS project holders

We provide capacity building and technical assistance on the field to support local actors transition towards sustainable, high-quality carbon projects.

Contact us if you are an active operator such as a private developper or an experienced NGO looking for help to scale-up, expand or to assess the feasibility of getting carbon credits from your projects, providing long-term revenues rather than struggling year on year to find grants, public fundings, development finance.

Project development

We develop and invest in pilots 0-10M€

We fund organically projects having large potential, de-risking substancially the full scale investment.

We believe the ecosystem needs new projects but there is still a gap between buying an already produced credit / a forward credit from an auditable existing project and funding the development phase of a new project. Contact us if you are looking for support as soon as feasibility stage and possibly pilot phase until your project is robust enough to be marketable.


We fund greenfield operations 100M€ +

We offer direct financing to projects through our fund vehicule.

We are currently fund raising, please reach out if you are willing to play a decisive role in the fight against climate change.

Let’s talk

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Our #1 strength

We are committed to the common good.

Race to net zero emission is not a race against each other, but a race against time. If we do not all cross the finishing line, we all lose. We don't see our peers as competitors but as allies.

Super energized

Our team is international, young, super energized and very talented.

We want to deliver as fast as possible quality projects. Our main if not only driver is to care for the planet in a fair and economically sustainable way.


We have 6 offices, we are on the ground. We are humbly trying to reverse the trajectory by bringing corporate high-perfomers to the nature space.

We are action-oriented and provide pragmatic solutions to run the last mile and deliver!


We have secured a first series of financing. The carbon credits of our projects are not by design pre-sold.

We aim at supporting the local projects holders on the short-mid term, always targeting that they reach full autonomy in time.

Our partners

Finergreen is a financial advisory boutique specialized in the energy transition. Founded in 2013, the company has already completed 150 transactions for a total of 3 billion euros. With 80 people based in 10 offices all over the world, the company provides Mergers & Acquisitions, Project Finance and Strategic Advisory services.

Since 2021, Finergreen has opened a dedicated practice to structure long term commercial contacts such as renewable energy PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements). This entity is also active in the trading of carbon credits and works closely with hummingbirds should there be some marketing of Nature-based Solutions certificates required from our projects, or from our clients.
Everland is a specialized marketing company in the climate change mitigation business exclusively representing one of the largest portfolio of high-impact REDD+ forest conservation projects across the globe that protect wildlife and enhance the well-being of local forest communities.

Founded in 2017, Everland provides REDD+ projects with access to a regionally diverse clientele across a wide range of market channels resulting in sales contracts. Everland delivers superior client service including deep project due diligence and impact reporting. Alongside compelling content and communications support, this entity provides inspiring marketing concepts that enhance brand equity, among other services and support.

hummingbirds, as a project developer, and Everland, as a facilitator of transformative and private investments, will collaborate to scale up high-quality REDD+ and restoration projects.