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Project Bissap

Deployment of 150,000 cookstoves in Benin

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Traditional cooking methods using wood in rudimentary open fire stoves are inefficient, unhealthy, and impactful on the environment. The deployment of local intermediate improved cookstoves contributes to women empowerment in rural areas through reduced time spent in cooking-related chores.

This project promotes the use of 150,000 intermediate improved cookstoves in rural areas in Benin. With an energy efficiency at least 25% higher than traditional cookstoves, intermediate cookstoves reduce significantly the daily wood consumption of housholds. Hence, it contributes to reduce pressure on forest ecosystems and decrease deforestation. The project will positively impact the livelihood of women by reducing the time spent on collecting wood and cooking time. By reducing significantly indoor pollution, their health will be improved as well. Finally, local communities will benefit from the carbon credits sales through community projects.

Sustainable Development Goals

Measurable impact on health by reducing indoor pollution
Time saving for 150,000 women
Creation of 40 full-time equivalent jobs
Up to 3.8 million tons of CO2e avoided over 15 years
Reduction of pressure on forest ecosystems