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Project Mount Kei Resforestation

Plantation and forest restoration in a Central Forest Reserve in Uganda

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Mount Kei Resforestation project takes place in a Central Forest Reserve (CFR) of 42,000 hectares in Uganda. The project is divided into two parts: 1) the plantation of teak, that will be sustainably managed on 18,000 hectares of deforested land, 2) the native forest restoration of 20,000 hectares of highly degraded land.

The project will substantially contribute to securing wood supply thanks to high-value timber production. The project will aim to certify the value-chain from production to local processing, driven by both local and international markets. This will ensure large revenues from timber even after the carbon project ends. The inhabitants around the Central Forest Reserve will be the corner stone of the project, operating all activities on the ground, from the tree nursery settlement and maintenance to plantation campaigns, felling and wood processing. During the first years of the plantation, inhabitants will be encouraged to practice intercropping to ensure sustainable food production locally. By doing so, they will directly contribute to restore highly degraded zones, conserve riparian areas and remaining gallery forests in the reserve, which was designated Wildlife Sanctuary in 2018.

Sustainable Development Goals

Intercropping activities inside the plantation for local communities
Improved skills resulting from training related to the timber value chain
Around 2,000 job creations related to plantation campaigns and maintenance
Up to 3.2 million tons of CO2e avoided over 60 years
Restoration of up to 20,000 ha of native forest and 18,000 ha of teak plantation