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Project Artemis

Reforestation and conservation project in Argentina

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Agricultural activities and cattle breeding are the main drivers of ecosystem degradation in the project area. This project will focus on ecosystem restoration all the while promoting sustainable agro-silvopastoral activites. As the area is prone to fire hazards, the project also aims to enhance the ecosystems resilience to such risks.

The project aims at rehabilitating highly degraded soils and lands through the plantation of a high variety of native tree species to restore an ecologically functional and biodiverse forest. It will enhance the prevention of fire in a sensitive zone and improve soil water retention capacity in a local context of high hydric stress. Furthermore, valuable ecosystems such as swamps will be protected. The project's sites will act as ecological stepping stones to increase the connectivity between two national parks of Corrientes province. Finally, the project intends to benefit the communities through direct and indirect employment opportunities, promoting reseach projects and social cohesion with climate awareness raising activities around a regional program.

Sustainable Development Goals

Creation of up to 60 full-time equivalent jobs
Over 6 million tons of CO2e removed over 35 years
25,000 ha of restored ecosystems